Saturday, September 1, 2012

tie dye knit skirt

Alas, just a little too late it would seem.  I intended to make this skirt for quite awhile but I wanted to get all I could out of this sheet.  I ended up with two peasant tops and just barely enough left to piece this skirt together.  It's light, cool, and summery.  Unfortunately none of those adjectives describe the weather in Seattle right now.  While this skirt has been in existence just long enough to see some summer wear I didn't manage to get any pictures until today.

Decidedly autumnal ensemble no?  Unfortunately, as comfortable as this skirt is on hot lazy days, I'm not sure I'm feelin' it for cool weather wear.  Being unlined and all it kinda sticks to my tights.  Plus I've been having trouble gathering knits nicely and I think the stickiness on the tights exacerbates the problem.  I have to admit that the pieces are all different sizes due to being short on yardage and the seams are a bit wonky as well.

I feel like all this makes it look pretty frumpy and homemade, but probably not as much as the painfully amateur tie dye.

I was inspired by this dress, which includes a tutorial.  This really makes this skirt that much more embarrassing.

That and the fact that my photographer can't be serious for 10 minutes.

Apparently neither can I.  It's infectious I tell ya.  But moving on:
Fabric: The remains of an old top sheet (once again)
Notions: Some 1" elastic of unknown origin.  It's one of those things that I didn't buy but somehow ended up in my sewing stash...  you know, like the huge box of buttons
Techniques used: Using the stretch stitch instead of zigzag for knits
Hours:  Not many.  Probably 1
Will you make this again? I may make another knit skirt, but hopefully with less problems
Total cost: This skirt was totally free.  The elastic and thread were in my inherited sewing stash and the sheet was given to me by a friend.
Final thoughts: This skirt is all right for hot summer days lounging about but I'm not sure how much more credit I can give it.  It sure is comfy though.

And a little curtsy to send you off.  

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