Tuesday, September 4, 2012

damn you butterick 4988

It's not for the faint of heart.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, other than that this pattern was 50 cents, uncut, and my size.  I think my recent fascination with Jane Austen has drawn me towards this sort of top, though I'm not sure why.  Something about the buttons, neckline, and poofy sleeves.

Only now do I see that this pattern is less Jane Austen and more Louis VIII.  The sleeves are so puffy it looks like they're stuffed with marshmallows. 

 And can you see those wrinkles under the bust?  It's because the top fits in the bust and nowhere else.  I checked the measurements and didn't think they were too far off, but the bust is tight and everywhere else is loose.

The top is constructed with princess seams so I feel like it should be pretty easy to take in, but where to start?  I'd have to rip out and take in the facing first because, while the bust fits, there's some major upper back gaping.  And those damn back wrinkles that I always get when I wear woven tops!

Oh my God, just look at those sleeves!  But to add to my frustration the entire bodice is easily 4 inches shorter than I consider wearable before hemming!!  So even if I did fix the sleeves and the sizing I would still have to find a way to lengthen it.  I do have a little over a yard left of this fabric, but honestly is it even worth it?!

Oh yes, and there's an  inexplicable flare out at the bottom.  So not only is it too short but it flares out like some kind of crazy anime outfit.  As a matter of fact made up in the right color scheme it might be full on Sailor Moon status.

Do I dream of dressing up like Sailor Moon?  Maaaaybe....
At this point I'm ready to consider this a muslin and move on with my life.  Unfortunately while I've read a lot about fitting on the interwebs I don't really know how to make more complicated changes to a pattern using a muslin.  Or rather, I have a guess and I'm just not up for that kind of commitment right now.  I'm keeping this as a learning tool, though, and hopefully will return to it someday soon.  You know, when I'm bored (hahahahaha).

Basically I need to rip it apart and make some alterations which I can translate to new, muuuuch longer pattern pieces

I think that the most concerning aspect at this point is that the shoulders are seriously elasticized.  Meaning that the only thing keeping the bodice in place is friction and faith.  With a baby constantly trying to get in my shirt and a toddler who just likes to roughhouse that's not enough assurance.  

On the bright side I did successfully lengthen the button band.  The original pattern has the button band stop about belly button height (Is that weird?  Yes.  Should this have been a warning sign?  I think so.) but I prefer a more traditional length (as in, uhh.. the same length as the shirt).  I figured I'd hem it together with the shirt bunow I'm thinking there's a better way to do it.  I intend to consult with Sewing for Boys as it's the only sewing resource I have that's helped more than it's caused me trouble.

I actually think that it's gotten me into trouble, though.  It makes me think I'm a better seamstress than I really am, thus leading to moments like this one.  What needs to happen is those girls need to write a book called Sewing for Women.


And I think that's about all there is to say about that.  Unless you've got something funnier: let's hear it!

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