Monday, September 3, 2012

mending monday

It's not much fun to do, and even less to write about.  Nonetheless I said I'd do it and now I can unleash my boring life upon my friend/family/innocent bystander.  Mwuahahaha.

  Last Monday (which I so blatantly skipped even though it was only the second installment and I did in fact do some sort of mending) I ripped off the waistband of these pants and added elastic.  This may seem like the opposite of mending, but the waistband was tight whereas the rest of the pants are loose, so this was really the only way I could see to make them wearable.  Now they fit juust right.

Today I fixed the broken strap on this camisole.  These things are cheap and versatile and I always buy them by the half dozen (although now I fully intend to make my own when my last batch wears out).  Of course they're also from the mall and very cheaply made so they're in constant need of mending between the first wear and when they finally disintegrate.

And hey look: I actually wore it today.  Which makes me happy I finally mended it (it's only been in the pile for about a year and it took all of 2 minutes to fix including some hand stitching).  Mending Monday serves it's purpose.  Huzzah.

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