Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stashbusting Eternity Scarf

If you're like me you have all these pretty scraps of yarn from leftover projects lying around that you just can't seem to part with. Someday... someday I'll find a use for them I said. I also had a few other things lying around; a few super bulky yarns that I could not think of a use for and a free cotton/silk blend sweater whose sleeves were easily undone but (surprise!) the body was serged. I was inspired by a thread on Ravelry making ruthless fun of this scarf: which I thought could be pretty cool...

First I swatched with those super bulky yarns that needed to be used. I found my largest needles (size 15) weren't big enough for the fabric I wanted. Some sharpened dowels did the trick, though. They're probably similar in size to US size 20 needles (I'd guess, obviously I don't have any size 20s so I can't say for sure).

I provisionally cast on about 14 stitches with waste yarn using a crochet cast on. Then I used yarn 1 and knit 2 rows. Cut yarn 1. Now there are two yarn 1 tails; one beginning and one end tail. Use yarn 2 to knit 2 rows. Cut yarn 2. Then tie the beginning yarn 2 tail to the end yarn 1 tail.

You can see a close up of the knotted fringe above. Continue in this fashion until it's as long as you want; mine is about 9 feet long and I can wrap it around two or three times. If you're using different weight yarns hold lighter weight yarns double or triple so that they knit up similarly to the heaviest yarn. Then graft the ends together. Alternatively, you could do a regular cast on and bind off for a regular scarf or you could twist before grafting for a moebius scarf.