Wednesday, September 5, 2012

paisley wrap skirt

 Let's be honest...  It's about time I made something wearable.  Not perfect, not even nice, just wearable. After the Butterick 4988 train wreck I needed something more or less failproof.  Well, more or less is right.  I drafted a simple wrap skirt from an amalgamation of online tutorials.  Basically it's 1.5 * my hip measurement cut into 3 segments which were then sewn together.

I did add pockets a la Little Heartbreaker Pants, flatfelled seams, a partial lining and bias tape on the hem.  Unfortunately I forgot to add seam allowances into my clever little equation up there so the skirt doesn't quite reach around the full 1.5 times and the pockets are too narrow to put my hands in.  Fail.

But look at that pretty pink paisley and flowy tie.  Despite it's flaws I like it; I wore it all day at the park playing soccer (not really) but running and playing and having lots of fun and it's very comfortable and I think it's pretty.

Even after an hour of chasing around a 3 year old with a soccer ball it's looking all right.  I think I'll add a belt loop on the side to keep the ties in place though.  They migrate, especially with lots of sitting and standing.

The fabric was a "vintage" top sheet from Pottery Barn.  I paid full price for it: a whopping $5.  I saw it and it had to be mine.  I couldn't take the chance of waiting for it to be half price.  The lining was leftover from something else.  I'm hoping I can wear it through the winter with tights. 

instagram collage of our fun day at the park

I've never had a wrap skirt before, but I intend to make more for this awkward postpartum period.  Now that I have my pattern pieces, all I need to do is add seam allowances.  ha. freaking. ha.

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