Sunday, August 26, 2012

striving for perfection

Or perhaps I'm still just cleansing my palate with another quickie.  Another Simplicity 9164 inspired peasant top, from the same material as a matter of fact.

First                                               Second
I don't know if you can really tell but I added some width to the sleeves and maybe the front (I can't recall) as well as adding some depth to the front top bodice (which I said I would).  I think it's better but next time I will take in the underbust area a bit so hopefully it'll look a bit nicer (and lay a bit more under bust instead of on it) and I think add some extra volume to the top bodice piece for more drape and gathers.

This is the end of this sheet, though (except for one other project yet to be blogged) so I'll be moving on to  other fabric for this pattern.  I ran out of thread, too and since there's no more sheet I couldn't bring myself to go buy thread just for the top stitching on this one shirt so I used light pink.  It's on all the hems, so at least it matches, but I imagine this is destined for the dye pot.  The first purple peasant top is actually already in there so pics of that when its dry (excitement)!

First                        Second

The back is pretty much the same but you can see the sleeves are more gathered on the second one.

Fabric: The remains of an old top sheet
Notions: Some 1/4" elastic.  I bought 8 yards just a few weeks ago and I'm already almost out!
Techniques used: Nothing new unless you count fitting
Hours:  It's hard to say what with the nearly constant interruptions but a few?
Will you make this again? Absolutely.  I love the style and I see longer sleeves and better fit in the future
Total cost: Maybe $1 for elastic (that's assuming it used 2 yards which I doubt very much.
Final thoughts: I'm getting there with this pattern, but my first three are all wearable and that's encouraging even if they aren't perfect

With my little helpers (this is the second one)
By the way that makes two sheets that I've finished this week.  Yeah!  Look at me bustin' that stash.

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