Saturday, May 3, 2014

Me Made May: Week 1

Thursday May 1st: I wore my new poly paisley sleeveless button up shirt, grey Hollyburn skirt, and a hand knit sweater (though it was only for the morning commute; I wore my office sweater at the office and the afternoon was so nice no sweater was necessary).

Friday May 2nd: I wanted to prove that I'm still using my Duathlon capris for running.  These are my new favorite running pants, especially as it gets warmer and I don't need a jacket for running.  The pockets are just the right size to securely hold my iPhone in place.  I ran 3+ miles with my phone in my pocket and it didn't once feel in danger of falling!

My real outfit for the day: I took a sick day to go to (soooo many) doctor's appointments.  It was still kind of nice, so we hit up the playground too.  I wore my Thurlow blue jeans (as yet unblogged), my me-made yellow cardi, and I'm even rocking some me-made So Zo undies (also unblogged).  I made 4 pairs of these undies a little while back and I love them all!  I definitely need to make some more.

Saturday May 3rd: I wore my blue jean Thurlows again (don't judge me please) and a tee I made ages ago.  I love this shirt, even if the neckline is a little stretched out.  I wonder if I could sew on some clear elastic around the shoulders to snap things back into place....

And there you have it; week one completed (albeit a short week).  I'm trying to think more about what I need clothing wise, as opposed to what I want to sew.  It turns out that most of the dresses I made last year don't really fit anymore (which means I've lost a little weight).  This is especially exciting as it means I really need to sew some pretty new dresses.  After all, a wardrobe with all cake and no frosting is almost as bad as one that's all frosting and no cake, right?  Somehow neither of those scenarios really sounds bad, though...