Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I'm Excited About...

I love the online sewing community.  It's not all neatly compiled on one website (like Ravelry is for knitters, ahem) so you have to do a lot of surfing to find what you're looking for, but it's very active.  I love that a lot of people host challenges and sew-a-longs on their blogs.  I just found this challenge here through a link from another blog, and I am so excited to participate.  Why?  Since I've mostly been sewing kids clothes since I started anyway...  Well, the word challenge to me means it's time to step it up.  I'm planning on making a few more t-shirts, but also a pair of Little Heartbreaker Pants, at least one pair of shorts, and maybe even a Henry shirt.  And if there's more time, well, I've got more fabric!  I'm ready! As a matter of fact, since it starts today I suppose I've technically already finished half of my one hour requirement for day 1.  Not that that'll stop me ;-)

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