Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC Day 4

Last night I finished another raw edged raglan (can you tell I love this pattern?) from an extra large REI shirt.  The shirt is 100% polyester, some kind of high tech material.  It cannot be ironed, it is slippery as all get out, and apparently my sewing machine thinks it's super tasty cuz it kept eating it!

It doesn't really look too bad here, but it's a lie!  I had to leave off the topstitching because I just couldn't get the tension and feed right or the double needle to cooperate.  Except, I'll be honest, there is one line of topstitching on one of the back shoulder seams that looks terrible and I ought to pick out.  Alas... there it is.

I think this pic gives a good view of the gathering up front... the accidental gathering.  There's a little bit of it all about the neckband.  Honestly, the one thing that chagrins me each time I make this pattern is the neckband.  I like having the option of making it out of the same fabric so it matches perfectly, but even after lengthening it quite a bit it's still almost impossible to a) get over his head and b) match up to the shirt without some tucks forming.  I did lower the back neck a little bit on the pattern about 3 shirts ago (there was some kind of hunchback thing happening) so maybe I haven't added enough extra fabric.  The slipperiness of this material, though, really exacerbated the problem.

Anyway, after finishing the shirt I cut out some more kickin' back sweats, but this time out of old sheets.  This is kind of a muslin for some shorts I want to make Dj this summer.  I took in the pattern piece by about a half inch (or an inch I can't quite remember right now) and cut a shorter elastic (duh).

That's my little non-tag that I sewed into the back so I can tell which is which when I'm trying to wrangle him into his clothes.  On the other pair I can never tell which is which and in the moments it takes me to figure it out he's usually run his nekkid little butt half-way across the room.

You can see they're still quite big (and that, as always, I need to pick up in here... again!) but they're not falling down.  The lightweight material definitely helps there, the sweatshirt fabric is a lot heavier so it sags.  All in all I think I'll probably go with this pattern for his summer shorts and sew a longer hem.  I might take it in just a smidge more, though.  I've got plenty of fabric so I may just make another test run and let him wear them around the house a bit before I decide.

They kind of look like boxer shorts, which to be honesty cracks me up.  Especially in this pic with his shirt tucked in just a little bit

All evidence to the contrary, I'm really more of a knitter than a seamstress...  Come to think of it, there's not much here to establish me as much of a seamstress either, but the fact is I've just been sewing a lot in the past couple of weeks and normally I spend most of this time knitting.  So, think of it as I'm cheating on my knitting with my sewing.

As usual I've got plenty of projects already on the needles, but in honor of KCWC I decided to cast on a long overdue baby blanket.  The baby isn't long overdue, I just should've started this blanket awhile ago.  It's the Latvian Baby Blanket.  It'll have pink hearts, then chart B in brown and chart C in a golden yellow.  All yarn from stash (stashbusting for the win!).

I know it's not clothing, but with summer coming I don't feel like knitting kids sweaters is the most logical move.  I've got to be knitting something, though, so at least it's for a kid.  I'm pretty excited about this one, I love colorwork for one and this'll be my first time doing a backed blanket (more sewing, squee!).  I know it doesn't really belong here but, well, here it is anyway.

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