Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Clothing Week Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 has been somewhat more productive than days 1 and 2: behold the Little Heartbreaker Pants!

The shirt is blogged about here and is also sewn by me.  The awesome Kermit the Frog hoodie, though, is sadly not.  Back on topic, I love this pants pattern.  It's got lots of interesting details like Hong Kong finishes and sewn on cuffs.  It was actually my first time doing the Hong Kong seam finish and also the turn and stitch finish (which I didn't like too well, but mostly I think it was difficult with this thick corduroy material).

Too bad the pants are waaaay big on him.  It's better, really, since summer is coming and he won't be needing them (much) til the fall.  I was hoping to make him some shorts for summer, but I'm thinking I'll go back to the Kickin' Back Sweats pattern and try and tweak it a bit to be the right size.

Obviously he's about ready for this week to be over so he doesn't have to model his new clothes anymore (as if that's gonna happen haha).

The material is from a very large corduroy dress (I can't imagine wearing a corduroy dress, especially in that size, that thing was heavy!) which my mom gave me and I think she probably got at the thrift store.  That makes these pants pretty much FREE which I always like.  Other than, of course, the buttonhole elastic which I most certainly did not have any of lying about.  There's a bit of it left, though not enough to do much with.

I'm actually more proud of the inside of these pants than the outside.  Check that out: I made that bias tape.  MADE IT!  I've never even used bias tape before.  By the way, I don't think that's how you do Hong Kong seams but it worked for me.  The book's explanation is very vague.

I also have yet another raglan tee almost done; it just needs the neckband sewn on.  And I went to Goodwill today and got a bunch of new fabrics and a few old sheets...  I'm already thinking about what's next.


  1. Oh he's adorable!! The pants look great =) He'll fit them some day! Stop by and link up to Make It Wear It, a weekly blog link up for all things made to be worn!

    1. Thanks, I did... That's a neat idea! I love seeing all the great wearables everyone's making.