Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids Clothing Week: Day 1

 Day 1 of KCWC is quickly coming to a close.  I don't have much to show for it, but I'm not too disappointed.  I actually didn't know it was coming until two days ago so I haven't had much prep time.  Today I finished this eye shirt (I don't know if you can tell, but yes: it's a big drawing of an eye).  I actually didn't have much to do to finish it, but I spent the rest of the morning cutting out the rest of the pieces for my first pair of Little Heartbreaker Pants.  Actually, I also spent the better part of the morning in the fabric store trying to order refills for my rotary cutter which was no fun and really cut into my sewing time =P

 Since it was such a beautiful day (for Seattle in April) we went to the zoo so Dj could model his new eyeball shirt.  Of course, he wasn't terribly interested in striking a pose whilst there were fences and balls to be climbed.

And the nitty gritty: the pattern is once again the Raw Edge Raglan Tee and the material is (as usual) a 99 cent thrifted tee.  You can't really tell from these pictures but I had an eyeopening moment today where I realized I've been using the twin needle wrong.  I thought there was a special stitch setting for it but there is not.  Now my topstitching is all pretty and correct!  Hopefully tomorrow will have most of a new pair of trousers.

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