Saturday, May 25, 2013

Me Made May: Week 4

I don't even know.  Is it week four?  It could be.  Anyway the days look pretty much the same regardless so here it goes.

Saturday May 18th I wore one of the maternity tops I made from the Darling Ranges pattern.  I threw in some darts at one point to take out some of the extra poof and while it's far from perfect no one asked me if I was pregnant so I'll call it a win.  I also made that sweater, and will blog it someday if I ever actually finish it.

Sunday May 19th I wore my pink tee, yellow sweater, and new to me thrifted cords.  Whenever I wear all light colored clothes I walk around all day saying "I'm goin' on safari motherfiretrucker."  Well... something like that anyway.  Bonus points if anybody actually gets that reference.

Monday May 20th I wore my mullet skirt and purple tee.  You've seen both of these a few times so this picture is less descriptive and more demonstrative.  Look how twirly =D

Tuesday May 21st I wore the pink knit skirt again.  I clearly need another one of these in a different color.  Or the same color, whatever.  This is the exact same outfit I wore last Tuesday when I failed to get a picture, so ha!  Note the rain boots.  We're having some crazy spring weather around these parts.  It starts out rainy and ends up 70 degrees and sunny, or vice versa.  It makes it really hard to dress for the weather.

Wednesday May 21st I wore the mystery dress again but finally managed to get some (marginally) better pictures so hopefully there'll be a whole blog post about it soon.  As a side note the boy is wearing a shirt I made him with some random Asian lettering on it.  This was far from the best picture of the dress, but how funny is it?  I'm trying to pose and he's got that angry point going.

Thursday May 23rd.  I refuse to apologize for this one.  Mine was the first to grow up in the MySpace age but somewhere between MySpace and Twitter these photos became tolerated acceptable.  Ahh the great things the internet has given us.  Anyway, I'm wearing my chevron skirt at the very end of a loong day.  That coffee cup is not from today and will be meeting the rest of the garbage tomorrow morning.  Promise

Friday May 24th I wore my new sleeveless DR again, and I was glad I did since it broke 70 in the afternoon (albeit briefly).  What an awful picture but here it is.  I like to let the grass grow wild like this because I'm lazy it makes me feel like I'm in the jungle when I get out of the car.

And there you have it.  Doing Me Made May this year has given me a lot of things to think about.  Why do I make things and what do I really want to make?  And how can I go about it being as green as possible?  

I started typing out some more thoughts on the subject but it was getting pretty long (and heavy) so I might just save it for a random post.  Hope everybody is getting into the spirit of Me Made May!

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