Saturday, May 11, 2013

Me Made May: Week 2

May 4th
Saturday I wore my pink sheet tee shirt and a reloved dress-turned-skirt, so this whole outfit is reloved.  We went to the beach and despite the steady 30 mph winds on the massive flight of stairs I managed to not even flash anybody (I'm pretty sure).  I also discovered my camera is broken, so I apologize in advance for all the crappy iPhone pics you'll be seeing around here for the next little bit.

May 5th
Sunday I wore my bleach stained decorated tee shirt and a pair of capris-turned-shorts (that feels like a cop out, can I even count those?) to clean the house.  I mopped, I cleaned the bathroom.  And even though I let you guys see my pajamas there is no way I'm posting pictures of me in this outfit on the interwebz.  You're welcome.  As a consolation prize here are some pics of the kids in me made clothes.

May 6th
Monday I wore my Vintage Modern Darling (I hear brown and white are very on trend right now, which means my whole wardrobe is in style for the next five minutes!) with my bright yellow sweater.  Since I failed to get pictures in the morning and it was 80 degrees there are no pictures of the whole ensemble.


May 7th
Tuesday I wore a dress you have not seen yet.  And I took really sketchy photos because I suck at this already  I want to keep it under wraps until it gets it's own proper photo shoot.  The shrug/bolero thing is from the thrift.  It has beaded embroidered flowers.

May 8th
Wednesday I wore two me mades: my new pink knit A-line skirt and my Darling Ranges top.  Once again, both reloved! Bazinga  Doing this I'm realizing how much stuff I've made from thrifted and gifted goods.  Now that I know that shirt fits I love it!  It's pretty much my new fave =D

May 9th 
Thursday I wore my houndstooth skirt.  There's also a black slip under there which is me-made (and, aherm, hanging out a bit cuz it's obviously too long for most of my skirts)... but that's about it for today.  The shirt is from the thrift shop.  There was very briefly a me-made sweater involved, but it didn't make the photos.  It's been heatin' up like crazy round these parts.

May 10th 
Friday I wore a UFO.... Or possibly just an epic fail, it's really hard to say.  I've been obsessed with making some button up shirts with collars for work and this is attempt numero uno at one: there's a collar stand and everything.  I promise I'll try and get some better/more pictures to explain.  As a side note, I wanted to show you a little more of my day so here I am in front of Safecoo Field on my lunch break (I didn't go to the arena, though, just the store to buy candy).  I would've taken another pic or two trying to get a better shot but I had to balance my phone on some stranger's car to take this photo and I didn't fancy trying my luck.  Try explaining that one!

I'm not deformed, just crouching down so you can actually see me!  I like this idea, though, so it's fully possible you'll be seeing lots more weirdly awkward/phone balanced on random objects pictures.

And week two is DONE.  Like.a.boss. We should do this every month!  It's ever so much fun =D

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  1. I am thoroughly impressed! Also, that I totally understand about trying to balance the camera on random objects. I ended up giving up and getting a camera stand from target! :D