Saturday, May 18, 2013

Me Made May - Week 3

Let's see.... Where'd we leave off?  

May 11th - Saturday & May 12th - Sunday

So... most of the day Saturday I wore the purple tee, but I failed to get a picture.  After my shower I put on my bleach stain shirt for the short time before I went to bed just to get the pic.  However, I woke up and put the same shirt on Sunday morning (don't pretend like you don't ever do that) for cleaning, gardening, and generally puttering around.  By the way my iPhone takes totally decent pictures, just not with the self timer app I downloaded.  WTF is this pic so blurry?!

May 13 - Monday

Monday I wore the bow tie tee again.  This shirt is so comfy while still being work appropriate (enough).  I think I really need another one (or two) of these.

May 14 - Tuesday

This cake is a lie.  I wore this skirt, but with a different (non-me-made) top.  I got picked up from work and we went down to Portland for the night, so things were pretty hectic.  Too hectic to remember to snap a pic apparently.  By the way, this is totally not my house.  If the owner should happen upon this pic: cut your grass and people won't think your house is abandoned and take random outfit pictures in front of it.

May 15 - Wednesday

Believe it or not this is the best I ended up with out of a series of pictures.  I wore the purple tee again.  I really need more tee shirts apparently.  As a side note you can kinda see the boy is wearing his Luka hoodie.  He's lived in that thing all winter; it's actually his favorite jacket.  He always picks it out himself.  I definitely foresee making another one of these as soon as he outgrows this one.

May 16 - Thursday

Back to life as usual.  I wore the mullet skirt again.  The more I wear this skirt the more I like it... What's next?  Mint?  Peplums?  We'll see....

May 17 - Friday

Just a teaser photo for today.  I'm wearing my new shirt and want to "reveal" it in a legitimate blog post.  Remember those?  Back when I actually blogged about stuff I made?  Haha just kidding, I don't think I ever did that :-P

We're over half way through May and, while I've managed to wear at least one me-made item every day I haven't succeeded in photographing every day.  I could (and honestly do) blame this on the death of my camera, but I won't bore you any longer.

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