Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May (partial) Week I Roundup

May 1st

For day 1 I wanted to go (sort of) all out.  I wore my chevron skirt and this refashioned purple tee.  Not very business, I realize, but my office errs a bit more on the casual side.  I did wear a blazer, if that makes it better.

May 2nd

I took out the refashioned mullet skirt (refashions are fair game round these parts) for a spin and you know what?  It's twirly and fun... and basically puts all kinds of mullet skirt ideas into my head.  More kool-aid plz!!

May 3rd

Today was the best day of the week for the simple reason that I found out this darling button up actually (mostly) fits now!  It's a little too long and/or too tight to stick my phone in my back pocket, though.  I think it will work better with skirts...  It was also (finally) warm and dry enough in the morning to forego my usual warm hoodie and wear this sweater.  Cheerful!  Today was actually a challenge.  I had no idea what was clean that I could wear with my pants (Friday = yoga day at my office so no skirts).  I think this is an early sign that I need more work-appropriate spring tops.  No worries, though, I've got one almost done, one ready to be refashioned, and a few more in the queue.

 Three days in and so far so good!

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