Tuesday, January 29, 2013

not a lady

Not lady enough for a pencil skirt anyway.  I'm opposed to any skirt that's so difficult to run/squat down to pick up bottles/climb stairs/get into the car in.  But it seemed more appropriate for a job interview than my usual jeans or full skirt.  Never say never, but seriously never again.

It's made from a nice subtle black and grey pinstripe men's shirt (which you can't see cuz January in Seattle doh).  I got the idea from (where else?) Pinterest.  Megan Nielsen (whom I obviously luurve) made one but kept the buttons for interest on the center front.  Since I wanted a more traditional/professional look I cut off the plackets and sewed up the front which became the center back.  After that it was just a matter of pinning and sewing until I had the right fit.  I also lined it (go me!).  Unfortunately I felt the lining slide out of the hem while sitting in my interview (fail!).  I shall have to fix it, but since I can't imagine an occasion on which I would willingly don a pencil skirt again I am procrastinating. 

The black blazer I purchased at Ross specifically for the interview and damn.  I'd almost forgotten what crap their clothes are.  If I stitch down the facing (which hangs loose something awful) it won't look so bad but seriously, why didn't they do that?

I actually think it's quite nice looking, but boo for skirts that aren't conducive to real life.

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