Friday, January 4, 2013

Apron in Action

My boy likes to help Mommy in the kitchen.  Well, he likes to help eat make cookies anyway.  And throw soapy water all over the floor.  That too

Inspired by Karen's apron-a-long I made not one but three aprons.  This one had to wait to be modeled though since it was a Christmas present and it's a wee, shall we say, small for moi.  I bundled up his apron, some water colors, and a cookie cutter thinking they kind of went together and here's what we got.

Making cookies.  We've got the dough in the bowl and all's well so far.

Is it time to cut them out yet?  He thinks so.

What's this?  That's not right.

It is angered.

There's dough stuck in the cookie cutter!  Tragedy!

How quickly it goes so bad.

By the way, he now has a jacket, a pair of matchy pajamas, and an apron from this material.  Thankfully the quilt just about finished off the rest of it.  He picked this material out and, while fun, I can't look at it anymore.

For the apron I just measured him pretty haphazardly and drew up a pattern piece.  It's an apron; not rocket science.

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