Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's good to have goals

i make the same new year's resolution every year and that's simply to be better.

a better person, a better mother, a better wife, a better me.

this year there are a few more specific items on the agenda for my personal life which i won't bore you with here.  here i shall simply state some goals for my crafty endeavors.  of course things change so i won't beat myself up too much if i don't achieve everything, but it's good to have goals and if there's one thing i really live for it's crossing stuff off of to do lists so here goes...

1. i am once again participating in intswemodo which means i'll try and knit 12 adult sweaters/shrugs/vests this year.

2. make 4 pairs of socks.  just a random number, but it seems doable

3. learn to sew.  better.  make some actually wearable stuff

4. built a wardrobe.  after so many size changes i really have very little that fits me at all so i just want to build a strong wardrobe with pieces i love and feel confident in

5. shop the stash.  seriously i don't know who keeps sneaking yarn into my house, but it's time to knit through it.

6. this is a constant goal of mine, but it bears repeating: shop local or indie, buy second hand, reuse, recycle, reduce my carbon footprint

oh yeah, one more

7. finish at least 2 of the (ahem) several blankets i've got lying around the house in various states of completion.  everyone needs more handmade blankets in their life.

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