Thursday, January 3, 2013

groovy baby (dress)

Hella groovy amiright?  I don't know where this crazy tie dyed pillow case came from, but if the original owner happens to be reading this: sorry, you're not gettin' it back.  

I used the same tee pattern I used for baby girl's Christmas PJ top but lengthened it to be more dress length.  Said pattern was made by tracing around an existing onesie and adding seam allowances (and a little bit of room to grow, you know how babies are).  I don't like to toot my own horn or anything (who? me?  never) but this pattern came out just right with no fuss. 

playing with her christmas butterfly
It's just one piece for the front and back.  I cut the front out using the pattern piece exactly and cut the neck about an inch higher for the back.  One piece for the sleeves (cut on the fold, none of that asymmetrical sleeve cap stuff here).  And a neckband cut out to 85 percent of the neck measurement.  It seriously took less than an hour to make this.  Me likey.

In the background here you can see the quilt.  Oh God, that quilt.  I'll write a post on that as soon as I get decent pictures of the whole thing.

I wanted to keep the hem of the pillowcase which made this project extra fast but that meant cutting everything off grain.  One thing I've found when repurposing knits is that they're almost always cut way off grain.  C'est la vie.  No big D this thing fits just fine and is so stinkin' cute anyway.

Final thoughts? Groovy

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