Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it's not a purse it's a man bag!

let me start by saying pinterest totally completes my internet experience.  that being said i hate people who compile other people's ideas on their blog in those "200000 things you should know" or "40 toys to make for kids"  screw you.  seriously.  come up with your own ideas.  that being said i found one of those pins and repinned it because it had a car toy carrier shown.  i never have been able to refind that thing but here's my own drastically different interpretation anyway.

it folds up into a little bag with handles and button closures.  of course the fabric has race cars 

when it's opened up there is a pouch for cars, a zippered pouch for other necessary travel items (like small dinosaurs, ninjas, etc) and there's a race track all the way around.  I used the same fabric to make extra pieces that fit under the zipper pouch so you can extend the road (cuz like who just drives around in a circle amiright?)

here's where the cars go.  there are only 4 separate slots but they'll fit his big cars (the cars movie cars)

here is the zipper pouch.  holy craft don't even ask how i made that thing.  i intend to learn how to make a proper one sometime soon but this thing is serviceable if not pretty

so there you have it.  construction process?  man you don't even want to know.  did i mention i've never made a bag of any sort before?  let's just say i used all or part of 3 fat quarters, an old dark colored shirt, some scraps of white knit, and a bit of heavy duty interfacing.  that's not all, there's some other stuff in there, but you get the idea.

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