Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evil Rag Quilt of Death

Why won't this pic stop being green?  Idk.  I wanted to make the boy a blanket for Christmas and I was inspired by this tutorial to make a rag quilt.  In case you haven't made one "Rag Quilt" is code for helllll.

A regular quilt would've been a helluva lot easier.  And next time that's what I'll do.  Towards the end my machine kept jamming.  I won't lie it almost didn't make it.

I used some of his old receiving blankets for the backside of the quilt which makes it a little extra special =)

I also bought some special Dr. Seuss and cars fabrics.  I also pieced some squares because why not?

Now that it's all said and done the blanket is well loved by everyone so that makes it worth it...  I guess.

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