Saturday, November 3, 2012

Squee! Twee: apron for me

Way back when I first started blogging Karen hosted her pyjama (how cute is that, sometimes she makes me wish I was British) sew-a-long.  For reasons I no longer remember (I think I found out about it two days before it ended; that seems like a pretty legit reason) I didn't partake.  I just remember being sooo jealous as everyone's cute PJs appeared across the blogosphere.

Well, now I follow her (in the most non-creepy stalker way possible, I swear) and this time I jumped on the bandwagon for her apron-a-long.  Do I need a new apron?  Well, let's just say the only apron I own is from when I worked at IHOP as a freshman in college (oh you wanted that back did you?  I thought it was like a souvenir...) and while it's a great conversation starter (excuse me, waitress!) I decided something more, well, pink was in order.  Or as Karen might say: twee!

My apron inspiration is from I Love Lucy and the Dick van Dyke Show.  Now I just need an A-line dress to wear while I make dinner.

The lace atop the pocket is vintage (if you can call something 20 years old vintage).  It was a short piece I stole from my Nanny's ribbon drawer when I was little.  She was my model knitter/sewer/do it all lady and she was always good about enabling my crafty inclinations.  The piece is so short I can't imagine it being used for much, but it was more than enough for this big pocket.  I wanted something functional (it is an apron after all) but the lace and the pink floral/gingham make it rather twee (there's that word again!  I hope I'm using it right) at the same time.

I lurve me a great big pocket.  I don't know why I keep sticking my hand in it for pictures; I never do in real life.  It's more than big enough for my Iphone, a few bobby pins, safety pins, toy cars (everywhere, they're everywhere I tell you!) and even a soda (which I would never put in with my Iphone, in case you're reading this, Dad).

This picture was not staged I assure you, the olives could not wait

It was so simple to make: I just cut a 1/4 circle, a thick waistband, a big pocket, and some bias strips.  I turned under the edges on the circle twice, folded the waistband in half and sewed it on, sewed on the pocket and hemmed with the bias tape.  Admittedly there was quite a bit of ironing and a little bit of fusible interfacing thrown in there but that's basically the jist of it.

Bias tape on the hem

And should you think that this apron won't ever see any action here's a picture of me making dinner. 

Making dinner in my new apron

We had pizza and it was awesome.

And here I am trying to show you how twirly it is. 

Believe it or not that's the best I could get out of several tries.  Just trust me.  It's twirly.

And that's not the only apron I've made.  Here's a sneak peek of apron #2: a Christmas present for my son who loves to help Mommy in the kitchen.

I promised to make my mom one as well, so there'll be more aprons to come.

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