Friday, November 9, 2012

wip-down #2 & 3 or if my mom was a kitchen

i'm pretty sure if my mom was a kitchen she'd be a down home country kitchen done in bright cheerful colors and lots of ruffles

hopefully she thinks so too.  wip-down item #2 is a christmas present for my mom; by request extra ruffly.

everything is from the stash, including the age old spool of orange thread so, you know, go me.  the pattern is from here (tutorial actually) but i made it a bit bigger and added the ruffle at the neck.

this is actually my first sew weekly challenge, so i suppose i'll be posting about it over there, too.  the theme this week is aprons conveniently enough.  i'm wondering if i should post this one or all three aprons i've made in the past week!

dad: if you're reading this please stop now

item # 3 are these big fish.  this is the second time i've done these in a larger size and i will write up how i did it as soon as i have a spare moment.   these are also a christmas present, this time for my dad.

note they don't fit me because, well, they're big

up next?  you'll never guess in a million years

overall i've finished 4 of the 15 items (i found another wip so the total count went up to 15 and i finished one more item tonight too late to take photos).  i also went and bought batting and got my quilt sandwich pin basted so i should finish that in the next couple of days.  my embarrassing admission is that to celebrate i cast on a pair of fingerless mitts.  in my defense, though, they're a christmas present for my mom and i'm trying to just focus on finishing everything i wanna make for christmas.  besides, they should be super quick

i hope y'all are doing well with your christmas crafting.  slow and steady!

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