Friday, November 16, 2012

not a renfrew

i spent my morning making this shirt, not doing my hair obviously

this isn't really meant to be a renfrew knock off (if that is indeed what it looks like).  i merely wished to make a copy of an old worn out tee shirt that i loved to death (quite literally!) and you know how the best laid plans work out... 

it's got some wrinkles since it's not skintight: here i am smoothing

i'm getting ahead of myself: this shirt was made for the sew weekly challenge (shirts).  i wanted to join the sew weekly because i didn't think i'd every end up making myself any clothes if i didn't have a push.  i've had the pattern drafted for 3 months now and i'm just now committing the 3 hours it takes to make (be gentle, i'm still learning).  i think that just about proves my point.

this was meant to be a sort of muslin, hopefully of the wearable sort.  i don't really think this sweet candy pink (cotton candy perhaps?) is a great color for me.  as colder weather approaches the availability and location of acceptable sunlight has gone from limited to nonexistent.  the shirt color is a little bit darker than in these pictures; more along the lines of this:

ugh, horrible bathroom artificial light shot
 i sewed all the major seams and then tried it on: the shirt was just the right length or maybe even a wee bit short...  meaning: if i hemmed it, it was gonna be too short.  uh oh.  so when i cut the neckband i cut a wide band for the bottom and thin bands for the arms.  if the seam allowances start migrating when washed i'll go ahead and topstitch them down, but for now i didn't bother

ice princess! wtf is with the weird blue light?
i'm not gonna lie, maybe it's the newness, the honeymoon period, but i seriously love this shirt.  this will be my favorite shirt until i make another one.  i don't know if i'll do the band again or just lengthen the pattern pieces to be the right length.   is it perfect?  nope.  it's asymmetrical, imperfect, and there are a couple of puckered spots but nothing that bothers me today!

the nitty gritty

fabric: a small portion of a sweet pink jersey sheet from the op shop. approixmately $2.50

notions: none

pattern: my new tee pattern (for my own reference: the brown pitaya shirt pattern)

first worn: all day today, chalk marks and all (if you can see them in the pics, consider them temporary please)

time to make: only 2 or 3 hours, which i'm pretty happy with.  i'm sure the next will be quicker

final thoughts: i wish i had a few days to just whip up more of these.  i'm really a jeans and tee kinda gal (or at least my lifestyle as stay at home mommy makes me one) so i never have enough cute flattering tees.  when christmas is over!

aww shucks, i'm pretty proud of this little thing

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