Monday, October 29, 2012

variations on a theme

This may look awfully familiar.  

How do I escape before it's too late?

Same animal fabric.  Same blue piping.  

That's a huge rat right in the middle of his back.  It's bigger than the zebra WTF?!

Actually it's new blue piping.  I used every last inch of piping I made for the Luka hoodie whereas I used hardly any on these PJs.  Had I read through the pattern first I would have realized that I only needed a little bit.

Who is that dork in the animal PJs?  Oh wait...

He's checking himself out in the mirror before making dinner.  The mirror that's still leaned against the wall in the hallway even though it's been 3 months since we moved.  Yeah, that mirror. 

My little chef

These are the Goodnight Sweetheart PJs from Sewing for Boys.  The fabric is the same thrifted top sheet I used for the last Sewing for Boys sew a long I participated in, back in August.  Much like my last project, these are essentially elephant pajamas.  I'm starting to feel quite monotonous over here.

  I cut out the 4/5 size (ahem, 3 weeks ago) and it is without a doubt way too big.  If I go through with my dastardly plan of making the family matching PJs for Christmas I'll definitely have to trace the smaller size for him. 

Help me!
Of course this is what most of our photo shoot looked like.  I had to bribe him with an ice cream sandwich just to get him in the PJs.  Please don't repeat that, though.

This is where he wonders if it was worth it

Since I have so much piping left over as well as a bit more fabric I'm hopeful they may someday come together to make a backpack.  Then he can wear his PJs, jacket, and backpack all at the same time and I can die happy.  Wait, shoes.  He'll need shoes to match.

Maybe someday I'll succeed in coaxing him back into these and getting better pictures.  I really wanted to see how they looked, though, and opportunity is not a lengthy visitor so I snapped these awful late night photos.  Who knows, maybe someday I won't have to bribe him to wear them?

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