Thursday, November 8, 2012

wip-down #1: the boy's mitts

well there's no use denying it: winter is upon us.  the days are short, wet, and cold.  of course that doesn't stop us from going out to play, which means we need lots of warm woolies to protect us. 

i'm rather fond of summer, but i love pulling out all the knit goods when the weather turns cool.

of course new wooly stuff is half the fun right?

that being said, the first thing i can cross off my inordinately long list of wips is (drumroll please)

a pretty unimpressive pair of fingerless mitts for the boy.  they're made of lamb's pride superwash.  they're quite tight and long.

 i think i'll whip up another pair and see if he keeps them on for more than 2 minutes

removes gloves faster than a camera shutter!

i am quite pleased that his sweater is going to see another year of wear.  especially considering how long it took me to spin the yarn!

one wip down, 13 to go!

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