Thursday, November 8, 2012

wip wednesday

of (let's get real here) apocalyptic proportions.

i made a list.  not a list of things to make, but one of things that i am currently making.  there were 14 items on the list, and those are just the ones i could remember.  6 of the items on the list are blankets of various sizes, intentions, and crafts.

holy frijoles.  it's too much.  i can't even take it.  i have to finish some of this stuff so i can move on with my life and get to my (overoptimistic) list of christmas pressies.

aaaand here's a collage of messed up pics (hope my camera isn't broken) of just the most pressing wips

my goal is to cross at least 3 things off of the list by next wednesday... hopefully more.

this weeks goals:
the boy's mitts
chevron mitts (#2)
big fish
grammy's apron?

i'll be psyched if i finish all that.

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