Tuesday, March 5, 2013

School girl top

Disappointment (noun):

Attempting to make a sophisticated bow tie blouse top a la Winnie of  Scruffy Badger and ending up with something more like a crappy version of Sailor Moon's school girl shirt.

Inspired by Scruffy Badger's excessive number of bow tie blouse patterns I decided I wanted one of my own.  But, you know, I really can't be arsed to buy a new pattern and make a toile and all that so I just modified the Darling Ranges pattern to extend to become a shirt and added on a tie.  So what went' so wrong? 

In a word:  Everything.

First of all this fabric is super slippery and I sewed the bust darts all messed up.  How?  When I've made this pattern so many times how did I fuck up so early on in this one?  I don't know.  Then I totally misjudged the length of my torso which landed the vertical darts way too low.  No big deal, right?  Just get out the seam ripper and fix it.  But when you use the pink chalk that doesn't wash off on the wrong-side-turned-right-side of your fabric it becomes a big deal.

That's all I'm even going to bother to say about this shirt other than this:  It looks better under a blazer.

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