Sunday, March 17, 2013

Herringbone Skirt

Check out those roomy pockets!
Matchy matchy.  I bought these shoes to match this skirt before I even finished it.  That's faith right there.  Despite the excessive number of bad pictures I've managed to take of this skirt, I like it and I don't think it looks that bad in real life.

It's the same TNT pattern as my purple skirt, but cut a little bit narrower and shorter to be, well, narrower and shorter.  I wanted this one to sit closer to my waist, the purple one is a bit (like, way) too loose for that.  I was afraid it might be too short, but it's fine with tights.

Pockets are super important to me, so both of these skirts have nice roomy pockets.  I still use the same SOP on pockets that I learned from the Little Heartbreaker Pants in Sewing for Boys.  I'm telling you, it's a good book.  If there's a book like that about sewing for women I want it.  I thought about the Colette Sewing Handbook but I'm not crazy about the patterns in it =(

I used a grey zip because, well, that's what I had.  So sue me.  If it wasn't sewn in all ugly it would blend in pretty well, but... it is.  No I won't show it to you.  I will show you the near miss on the pockets though.

I only had a yard of this fabric and I just barely fit all the pieces.  I ended up piecing the pockets with the contrast lining fabric which was a mistake.  I mean, if this shit wasn't shifty as the devil himself and I didn't basically suck at life it would've been fine but as it is you can see it peeping out from underneath.  Fail.

Fabric: $2.  Zipper: 10 cents.  A very small amount of thread, let's just not count thread eh?

Total for this project: $2.10

Running total: $3.20

Not bad for two skirts I love.

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