Saturday, August 18, 2012

to dye or not to dye...

See.  I told you it fits.  Here is a much more successfully executed peasant top based on the vintage Simplicity 9164 dress pattern.    

To recap here are the changes I made to turn a too small dress bodice into a tee shirt pattern:
I took about an inch out of the top front, top back, and each sleeve.  I thought as is it would be too much visual weight up top.
The back pieces are cut on the fold since a zipper would be superfluous
I extended the bottom bodice pieces flaring out at the hips, and adding an inch to the width
I'm also trying to figure out an order of operations which will give the sleeves a neat finish without requiring me to change to the twin needle more than once.

Here you can clearly see where a little extra length in the top bodice is necessary.  I don't know whether it would be better to curve the bottom of the piece downward or add length throughout and add darts on the sides.  Do people even use darts on knits?  I've never seen one in RTW clothing... 

Back wrinkles... typical.  Do I care enough about it to make an effort?  Probably not.  It is a tee shirt after all and fits at least as well as the RTW ones in my closet.  I love the way the gathering looks all around the back and sleeve.

And here you can see the lovely sleeves as opposed to the train wreck sleeves from yesterday.  Oh, and the inexplicable stink eye.  I suppose the camera was irritating me?  

I think the real question here is: to dye?  or not to dye?  Is this my color?  
I originally intended to over dye it a darker purple when finished but now I'm not sure.
It's a medium shade heathered purple whereas I normally tend towards darker shades.  The top pic is probably the most accurate.  

Looking at these pictures and having worn the shirt around a bit today I'm warming up to it.  I wonder, though, will I always look at this shirt and think of my friend's old sheets?  Or worse: will everyone else?  
Do I look like I'm wearing bedding?

On the bright side, this shirt is made of an old top sheet my friend gave me when she moved to Spain (they're the jersey knit sort) which means this is another free shirt!  Yay for free stuff =)

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