Wednesday, August 22, 2012

treasure pocket pants

Still rudely referred to by my father as the brokeback mountain pants... That's not actually what he calls them but it's a more PC version of it.  I think it's because the colors with this pattern are reminiscent of chaps.

Then the first time I put them on the boy to model all he would do is hide.  This is the only pic I got before he ducked under the chair and wouldn't come out.  I think hubby's uncontrollable laughter could've been to blame for that.

After spending weeks (maybe even months?) in the pile of shame I decided to give them a second try.  Actually it was when we were moving and there were no clean clothes because due to circumstances out of my control we were without a washer for a week or two.

It turns out we (the boy and I) like these pants.  They seem very comfy; the fabric is thin and soft from an old worn out pair of my hubby's jeans.  Obviously they're perfect for climbing.

More to the point (as far as the pattern's concerned) those pants are awesome!  They actually hold all the small toys he carries around constantly.  Well, not all of them, but at least as many as he has with him at any given time.  Plus the elastic helps keep them there.

I don't think these will replace the little heartbreaker pants as my absolute favorite, but they're different.  These are more casual for kicking around the house and playing barefoot in the yard.  The LHB pants are dressier.  Even a casual outfit looks fancier with those little pleats.

The verdict: I will make these pants again.  One of the biggest advantages I think they have is that they take smaller widths of material so they're easier to use old pants for.  I want to make a lower contrast pair that have the appearance of regular jeans.

He loves playing in the truck.  And eating dirt.  And being barefoot.  Oh well...  You can't fight entropy ... or boys...

On a completely unrelated note: don't eat your brother baby.

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