Saturday, June 16, 2012

too late for the party....

I stumbled across the pyjama party sew along far too late to participate.  Actually I discovered it the day it was ending (I don't know how people find out about these things in a timely manner!) and cried a little because I know I need new PJs and I wanna play =(

I might've tried to bang something out really quick, but without a pattern I didn't think it was happening.  I did stumble upon a pattern sale a short time later though and got (among others) Easy Endless Options M5248 with one thing in mind: new PJs for me.
I needed the robe most of all because both of my robes mysteriously disappeared last time we moved.  I'm still not fully convinced that my husband didn't have anything to do with that, seeing as how both robes had certainly seen better days.

PJ shorts are next (for summer, which it allegedly is) followed by pants because basically everything I sleep in is worn out...

So worn out I'm too embarrassed to show them off.

So worn out I can't even hang out around the house in them because what if someone rings the doorbell?!  

Now you know that's bad.  I don't usually care cuz, hey, it's my house, but answering the door like that might be bordering on public indecency.

But back to the robe:

It's a relatively heavy cotton flannel from a thrifted Martha Stewart bedsheet (because recycling is... a good thing).  If you don't understand that reference watch 5 minutes of her show and you'll get it.  I actually love the fabric, it's soft and warm and is a subtle white and light brown (or lord help me I suppose beige?) floral.

The pattern calls for interfacing in the shawl collar but I left it out worrying it would be too stiff.  It's not an Oxford shirt after all, just a comfy hangin' around the house sorta thing.  I'm satisfied with it this way, the cotton flannel has a lot of body to it anyway.

I'm not a flasher, just trying to show the pockets I added.  What is a robe without pockets?  Useless!  You've seen that fabric before.  I'm using wherever I can in hopes of using most of it up.  Still most of the fitted and all of the flat sheet to go.

I actually used the pocket pattern and method of attachment from the Darling Ranges dress pattern.  Not that it would've been hard to draft those pockets.  They're nice and inconspicuous from the outside.

I would've preferred patch pockets on  each front, but I ran way short of material.  I had to piece the second front facing.  My main failing is that I didn't realize there were front facings til it was too late.  It might've been possible with great planning, but as it is there's hardly anything left over.  I don't think it's too noticeable, though.

You can see the pattern well here, it's not even so much floral as it is, umm, botanical?  It's plant parts but not flowery.

I cut the XL to be sure it fit over my belly.  Of course I didn't really check the measurements first and it's huge.  But then, so am I.

Yikes right?  Not a pretty picture.  Upon checking the measurements I should've gotten the next size group down, but the website seemed pretty vague about sizing.  Oh well, they're PJs.

I'd love another one of these in some slippery fabric, and maybe a light cotton one with short sleeves...  I'll definitely try the large next time and hope it's smaller.

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