Thursday, June 21, 2012

old man pants.

Yep.  More Little Heartbreaker Pants for my growing boy.  I love this pattern, it's just the best.  I'm not even tempted to try a different pattern...  I might, though, since I just got Cute Clothes for Kids and there's some cute details on the pants in that book (back pockets, anyone?).  The shirt is my first raw edge raglan tee.

The material is a pale blue cotton shirting courtesy of his growing grandpa.  If it seems like a lot of clothes are hitting the donation pile from grandpa and daddy... what can I say?  I suppose it's sympathy weight?

I hoped they'd look like a light denim but they really remind me of my great grandfather who lives in Alabama (I'll bet it's hot there right now).  The material is in great shape and has a nice hand, though it's kind of lightweight for pants.  They'll be great for when it's hot and they seem terribly comfy.  Presumably that's why old men wear the exact same pants.

I cut the 4/5 this time since the 2/3 is getting to be a bit small for him, especially in the back rise (what would you even call that?)  I guess baby's got back haha.  Anyway, he's swimmin' in these but I'm not worried; they'll fit him soon enough.

 More than enough room back there now, as you can see.  The cuffs are rolled up in all of these pictures.  I think if I flip them up, maybe towards the inside, and sew them down the pants will probably fit all right.  Then I can just let them down when he's ready.  The butt will still be saggy, but seriously: who's looking?

I think I'll probably put pants on the back burner for awhile and focus on making some shorts for summer... and about a million other things on my to do list.  I don't want to make more pants that he'll outgrow before winter andwhy bother making him pants he won't be wearing for months?

That reminds me, though.  I ran across this today here.  It's like having company when you do chores or run errands.  Maybe it's not necessarily an exciting task, but if a bunch of creative minds get together it can be fun!

Of course all the great stuff already pinned on the Pinterest board is making me want to do something fun instead of just something useful and necessary.  The baby should be born soon, which means I'll need some post-maternity clothes so maybe I can do a little of both =)

Is it summer yet?  Is anyone else up north just waiting for shorts weather?

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