Saturday, June 23, 2012

the day of finishing...

I don't know how normal people work but I go through creative cycles.  There are periods where I plan, begin, work on, and finish projects in an orderly manner (more or less).  Then there are times where I can't really focus on anything and I just keep starting new projects, many of which don't necessarily make it to finished objects.  Often it's because I've got a project or two in limbo, their fates as yet undecided.  It weighs heavily on my mind until I get it figured out.

Necessarily following these phases of manic but unfocused energy I need a day (or two) of finishing.  Thankfully, that day was today.

First I finished up slipstitching the bias tape on the bottom of this baby dress.  For some reason last night it was just killing me (I've got the huge puncture mark on my thumb to prove it!) but I suddenly remembered how to sew and just sat down and got it done in a matter of minutes.

It's an(other) Itty Bitty Baby Dress.  The skirt is made from a fat quarter cut in 2 pieces and all the other pieces are from thrifted (or just old) sheets.  I skipped the piping on this one just to save myself some time and grief (I'm looking at you, zipper foot) and I like it, but I do think piping to match the bias tape would look nice.

Then there's the Henry shirt I started way back on Wednesday (I think).  There will be a full post about this shirt.  Believe me, it needs one.  I've been procrastinating about buttons for days, though.  I finally woke up this morning and made a damn decision and sewed some buttons on.  They look fine.

He's crying cuz he hates wearing clothes apparently.  The fish print is a thrifted sheet and the blue print is an old shirt donated by my dad.

I also finished tracing and cutting out the shorts pattern I've been working on for days.  I just haven't been able to dedicate the time to it (and DC has been demanding all my attention lately.  Combine a 3 year old with tissue thin paper draped over a table and the results will not be good).  That and my back has been killing me for obvious reasons.

I also finally wove in the ends on this baby hat from waaay back when so it's ready for baby.  Just in time I expect.  

I also managed to finish knitting these baby legwarmers I started yesterday.  Everything but pompoms, which will just have to wait til tomorrow.

They're quite large as you can see but they're for this winter so that's ok.  Or if she doesn't like them obviously I can wear them as glove/sleeve type things.  This yarn was super cheap at my LYS's annual mother's day sale.  I wish I'd bought it all.  I was skeptical but I love the way it knit up.  It's Encore worsted, btw.  It's white light pink and a brighter pink plied together.

I also got lots of laundry done and bag #1 for the hospital packed =)

Now I'm working on my cotton cardigan and feeling pretty good about my productivity.  There are still a few projects that are in time out.  Two diaper covers (anyone know how big around a 3 month old baby's upper thigh is?  I have two diaper cover patterns and neither says) and another darling ranges top.  Maybe tomorrow...

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