Thursday, September 5, 2013

thrifty thursdays

sorry for the crappy night photos... but i just had to share.

the thrifing gods were smiling upon me.  in addition to some great fabric i found a set of brand new size 5 addi turbos: originally $14.95 (in case you can't read that)

that's right: $1.99  


thrifty tip: if a piece of clothing has seen better days and is destined for the scrap bin, pull anything usable off before tossing it.  are there buttons?  a pants hook and eye?  a non-broken zipper?  an embellishment that you can re-use on a new item?  you'd be surprised just how much can be salvaged even when the fabric is beyond saving.  (most of you probably already do this if you sew, but in case you don't, there's your thrifty tip of the week)

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