Thursday, June 20, 2013

the amazing garden gate dress

at long last an actual <gasp> post!  and one about the much-seen simplicity 2174.  this is one of their amazing fit patterns and, well, what can i say?  amazing!

i feel like the pictures just don't do it justice, and i sincerely hope that i'm right.  seattle likes to bounce between rainy and cold and 70 and sunny... all in the same day.  that makes it a little difficult to dress for the weather.  layers people; it's all.about.layers.  

ohh, yeah.  i was saying: the sun really bleached out the pretty pattern on this dress.  it's a light grey background with a darker grey iron work design and purple flowers; thus the name "garden gate."  it's quite pretty.  it was originally a sheet, but i don't think that's super apparent.  i do think that there is a store somewhere with a bunch of really cool sheets.  mine are pretty boring in comparison.

the pockets on this pattern are amazing!  even more amazing than the fit (which is also pretty amazing).  it's a princess seam dress with different pieces for each cup size.  there are a million pieces with this pattern, but don't fear; you won't be cutting out very many of them.  the pockets are part of the front side skirt pieces.  when i made this dress the first time (just cool your jets, there'll be a post about it someday, too) i was just amazed.  in all seriousness my mind was TOTALLY . BLOWN.  i walked around showing everyone who would listen: "look at these pockets.  can you even believe how awesome these are?  they're set right into the seams and everything!" 

yes.  i'm easily entertained.  it's the small things in life, people.  cherish the small things.

as a brief aside: whenever i wear these boots my husband calls me puss in boots.  that's a real confidence booster right there.  i've reached a point in my life, though, where i'd rather be mobile than look good in my high heels.  therefore the high heels are on vacation.  indefinite vacation.  boo.  maybe someday...

what's that?  a foe!  sneaking up behind me

phew!  just the boy stealing the spotlight as usual.  and hey, look, i made his shirt =D

what's that?  a sword!  apparently he thinks i look like puss in boots as well.

this is actually one of those epic fails i mentioned a few ages weeks ago.  i put on the dress and realized i couldn't move my arms.  like AT ALL!!!   in a moment of desperation i hacked the sleeves off and applied a little bias tape here and there.  unfortunately....

i could go on but i think the picture speaks for itself.  yikes.  between the seam allowance that were cut off and the new ones for the bias tape there was just too much removed.  

yup, pretty bad from the back too.  these pictures were taken at the end of a long work day so scuze the wrinkles.  all things considered, though, i don't think it's that bad.  i did do a swayback adjustment on this dress.  normally it's not that wrinkled but again, work.  

ooh, zipper.  long and handpicked, as a matter of fact.  as you may be able to see from the distribution of wrinkles, some of those are actually permanent and i'm not sure why. because the pieces weren't sewn together quite right i assume...  there's also a strange burn? on front of the bodice.

fortunately i didn't spring for or spend time on lining.  i do wear a slip/cami with the dress, but what with the sleeve debacle i'm glad i didn't waste my time.  the seams are all french or bound with bias.  perhaps that's why the wrinkles?  can you french seam princess seams?  well obviously you can but whether or not it's advisable i won't speculate upon here.  i do like the cheery yellow bias tape.  it's like my fun little secret ;-)

i love this dress.  i have two from this pattern now and i always feel awesome when i wear them.  they're so fancy yet functional (yes that is a thing) and about as comfortable as a dress this fitted can be.  amazing?  yup.  amazing.  i want to make so many more of these.  unfortunately other things beckon (i'm looking at you karen and your awesome pajama party.  i'll be there.)

so there you have it.  i have been making things.  told ya!

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