Saturday, June 22, 2013

pajama party time!

I feel like I'm past the point in my life where I care a whole lot about others' opinion of me (haters gonna hate and all that) yet when I told my parents about the virtual pajama party Karen is hosting and how I "really have to get all these pajamas made by Saturday or I might be late because she's in the UK" they had some choice words that shocked me.

If I recall correctly those words were "geek" and "nerd."  What, if anything, is geeky about a virtual pajama party?  Is the very fact that I have to ask proof of the point, as it were?

I think that's enough of life's deeper questions for today; let's move on to the cuteness.

I wish you could see how adorable this is in real life.  Even more than it is in this picture.

I made pajamas (tops and bottoms) for myself and both of my kids!!!  Hubby got some shorts, but he's not home today so he's missing out.

And radishes of course.  That's right.  I grew radishes.  SUCCESSFULLY!!  The carrots, beets, sweet peas, and sunflowers are all struggling just to shoost their little heads above the rocky soil, yet the radishes are going crazy.  All I can say is that next year there will be more radishes.  Stick with what your good at people.

By the way, all these pajamas were made from reloved fabrics.  Baby girl's shirt is the last of a knit sheet from the thrift that you've probably tired of by now, her pants and my shirt were a thrifted nightdress, my shorts are made of some unloved fabric from the thrift outlet, my son's shirt was as sorry a piece of work as I've ever seen sold by the pound (but I couldn't pass it up because of the awesome art) and his shorts used to be my shirt.  Phew!  That's a lot of reloving going on right there!

My pajamas!  Did you notice that my daughter's pants are the same fabric as my shirt?  You didn't?  Well go back and look.  I found this XXL nightgown at the Goodwill Outlet (by the pound, people, BY.THE.POUND) and obvs had to get it.  I have a before picture but it's sideways and my Picasa is in time out right now so you don't get to see it.  I cut off the sleeves and took in the side seams a loooot; I didn't think this fabric was that stretchy but it is.  I made my daughters pants from the sleeves (watch this space for a post all about her cute little PJs).

In my mind this is a matching set because the shirt has these happy calaveras and the material I used for the pants has skulls and crossbones (along with hearts and chains?  weirdest fabric ever.  This too came by the point.  What can I say?)

I cheaped out and used the PJ pants pattern I already had but nipped it in about an inch all over as it was a bit baggy when I made it up last year.... and I made one veeery important adjustment:

Welt pocket!  Just one.  They're only pajamas, after all, no need to go crazy with two.  But seriously all pants, including the pajama variety, must have a pocket for ze iPhone.  Cuz I don't go anywhere without my iPhone (even though it lied to me on multiple occasions and got me lost in Portland).  I used all the welt pocket pieces from the Thurlow pattern (which is Sewaholic, so I was like halfway there) and the tutorial from Lladybird's sewalong which was awesome.  There would definitely not be a welt pocket to admire here without her guidance.  

Definitely not my best picture nor the most flattering outfit I own, but welt pocket or not they're still pajamas and they're crazy comfy.  Sometimes that's just enough.

We tried to take pictures of us jumping on the bed but they just wouldn't come out at all.  But no pajama party is complete without:

A PILLOW FIGHT!!!  I apologize for the blurries but they do imply motion and there was enough of that.  My son is a champion pillow fighter, guys.  He learned from the best ;-)

Yeah, I could narrate these but I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

As a final note, last year I remember Karen required each party attendee to share what their current bedtime reading is.  As a matter of fact I've got two books going right now:  

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Mike and Psmith by P.G. Wodehouse

If you've never heard of P.G. Wodehouse then get thee to the bookstore immediately, you shan't be disappointed.


  1. Photos with kids are so fun. Looks like you did a lot of fun pj work. I really like PG Wodehouse too!

  2. Great work and fun photos!
    And who cares if its nerdy or whatever to have a pyjama party over the internet? its 2013 we do everything else over the internet and its practically normal!
    Poo poo the the naysayers! the internet is FUN!!
    Great work lovely xo

  3. Awesome pjs and particularly awesome pocket!

  4. Thanks for the kind words! I know I had fun so I won't stress too hard about what the muggles think. Was that too much? haha!

  5. Geeky and nerdy people are the best sort! I love having stuff to talk about! And the pjs are sooo cute! That pillow fight looks awesome btw, Rob and I don't have nearly enough of those!