Saturday, April 13, 2013

how do you catch a unique rabbit?

you 'neak up on it....

how do you catch a tame rabbit???

tame way =)

a long distance friend of mine commissioned me to knit this sweater at the beginning of February and I took on the challenge.  She wanted a sweater with a hood with bunny ears.  No big deal right?  Of course such a pattern does not exist (should you be curious) so I had to make one up based on the measurements she gave me.  After lots of work and collaboration it finally lives! Her post is here should you want to see more pics.  I totally ganked that pic; hope you don't mind chica!

i based the ears off of this pattern, but increased for a wider middle ear and made them a whole lot longer.  the sweater is just a basic bottom up raglan with colorwork bunnies on the yoke.  the yarn is a lovely recycled angora/cashmere/wool blend that is soooo soft and yummy!  I was saving it for a sweater for myself, but i guess this is the next best thing ;-)

total sweaters completed this year: 2 out of 12.... i'm already thinking i might not make it!

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  1. I really love this sweater! Heart heart heart heart!!!