Monday, May 21, 2012

More Sewing for Boys (and Knitting for Girls)

Spring comes late this year which means Dj is getting a lot of use out of his new pants I've made him.  The first pair were black cords I did for Kids Week Clothing Challenge Day 3 and here are the second (khakis) and third (denim) pairs. 

 Even with a smartphone and a cookie as incentive I couldn't get him to pose today.  He just ended up givin' me one a these looks:

You can almost hear him saying mo-om (the longer you can stretch that out in your head the more accurate) and rolling his eyes.  Looking forward to that by the way =P

I made the shirt too, obviously another raw edge raglan.  This one has a frog appliqued on it though!  It's only been like a decade or so since I did any needlepoint at all so I'm pretty psyched with my horribly ugly poison dart frog.  Why a frog?  He loves frogs as much as a 3 year old does anything.  When we go to the zoo he just stands and watches the frogs hop around for minutes.  For him that might as well be an hour.  He also likes to point and say frog a lot, just in case I'd forgotten that that's what we're looking at =)  Here's a closeup in case you didn't believe it.  Fortunately about 2/3 of the way through I got the hang of the stem stitch so I intend to keep practicing.  Watch out for appliques on anything and everything!

Little Heartbreaker Pants number 3 I'll admit are a bit of a bust.  They're were the most ill advised project ever.  My only consolation is that the material was a really ugly pair of pants before I got started.  At least he's so cute he can pull 'em off!

The denim was really too thick for my machine to handle more than 4 or 5 layers at a time (looks like mom was right about that), the heavy weight polyester thread I bought melted  all over as soon as it hit the frikkin iron, and the last minute patternless pockets I salvaged from the original pants do not do the backside any favors.  Not to mention they were just about impossible to actually sew on because of gripe #1 above.

In brighter news I'm over halfway done with Lizzie's baby blanket (Rav page here).  My husband took one look at it when I finished the gold/yellow section and freaked me out a bit with his negative reaction.  Fortunately the good people on Ravelry were kind enough to say some nice things and overall just remind me that my husband has no color sense at all and I should stop listening to him.  

Just kidding...  It is an unusual combination I'll admit, but I think I like it.  I'll have to get the second heart section going before I can decide, but I should be well into by tomorrow night.  The more I look at it the more I like it, though.

I already blogged about this shirt but, just, cute!

By the way, the total cost of his new clothes (2 pairs pants, one shirt) is about $5.  Some fabric for lining from Goodwill, a t-shirt, and that evil polyester thread (which btw comprises more than half the total cost!).  The two pairs of pants salvaged were free (and I do love free)!  Remembering how much we always spend on a new wardrobe for him twice a year or more it feels so good to think that despite the money going towards thread and fabric and clothes to refashion at least I'm producing something tangible and maybe we're even saving some money

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