Sunday, May 20, 2012

Darling Ranges Top...

Otherwise known as facing my fears.  I fell in love with the Darling Ranges Dress pattern as soon as I saw it and thought it, unlike most patterns I've been ogling, would work as a maternity top.  Just so happens there was a sew-a-long and a discount going on so I just went for it, despite fears of not being able to figure it out. 

Like a good little sewer (sewist?) I made a muslin first which will never, ever, ever see the light of day because it's just that awful...  I'm so glad I did because it made a few things apparent:

1. The gathering at the back would have to go.  It was just too big and boxy for me at this size, I looked like I was wearing a tent.  A big, pastel blue tent.  Or a hospital gown...
2. An FBA would be required.  I traced the pattern (to be safe) and followed the instructions on Megan Nielson's blog to add an FBA.  Obviously I didn't add enough, though.  That or my boobs are growing with my tummy.
3. A shirt might be better than a full dress.  I think in a darker, less patterned material it might work, but in lighter colors or prints I think it's just overwhelming.

I redrafted the back bottom piece to be fitted with a sort of A-line shape and added my FBA... Sewed it all together and then stopped.  My machine has a buttonhole foot, but I hadn't a damn idea how to use it!  I asked my mom, the previous owner, who said the foot was definitely missing a part.  I even took it to the sewing & vac store to see if they could help and the lady just looks at it and shakes her head.  "What makes you think it's broken?"  Oy.

Fast forward to yesterday...  I got out my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing and thankfully it, like my sewing machine, is old.  Not quite vintage, but as old as I am.  A scant hour later: buttonholes.  Pink buttonholes =) and pink buttons. 

By the way how awesome is my kitchen floor?  It's the only thing I'll miss about this house when we move.

I tried Megan's trick for sewing on the buttons by machine, but honestly I thought it was easier to just handstitch 'em on.

I'm actually not done, I have to either hem, add elastic to, or remove the sleeves.  As much as I love the total pregnant Lucille Ball vibe I get from the wide sleeves I think this top will probably end up sleeveless.  It just seems like it was meant to be, with that cheery as hell print and summer coming.  

By the way, I love yellow,  pink, and orange but normally avoid them because "it's just not my color" according to my mom (and fashion magazines).  I bought this fabric because it was 5 yards for like $3 at the op shop (I assume that means thrift store, I just love the way it sounds) thinking it'd be good for baby stuff.  Much to my surprise I love it!  It may have opened up a whole new color palette for me.  

Or maybe not.  

It could just be the crazy pregnancy hormones.

I like to call this my MySpace pose, because I remember when MySpace was new, digital cameras became standard on cell phones, and photos like this became the norm.  Ahh the wonders of technology.  Obviously I really just love that vinyl.

And speaking of stuff from the 70s, look what I picked up at the op shop on Friday.

Not my size, but I don't care.  I just love 60s and 70s stuff and someone had recently brought in a whole bunch of patterns.  I may go back this week and see if they still have some of the rest.  Just because.  I also got some fabric on the cheap (half price green tags on Fridays).

Super soft flannel for Christmas PJs: $2.50 for about 3 yards

This wasn't on sale, and it was overpriced for Goodwill, but I love fish and the beach and I just had to have it.  It's a small piece, so I'll have to think about what to do with it.

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