Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just one of those days....

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't seem to get anything right?  Like you lose your debit card (in the ATM at the bank, and thank the kind soul who found it and gave it to the bankers)  and then forget it at home when you go out shopping.  Like you spend all day pinning (and sometimes sewing) the wrong pieces together in the wrong orientation.  Like you break your sewing machine (but fortunately it's not really broken) and lose the brand new pack of denim needles you just bought without which you can't really finish any of your WIPs.

That's how my week has been progressing.  Fortunately God watches over fools (isn't that how it goes?  or maybe it's fools and drunks) and I certainly feel lucky that all these potentially awful things turned out to only be minor inconveniences...  It could be early onset Alzheimer's I suppose, or a lesser known symptom of pregnancy.   Basically, though, I've been doing a lot of sewing related stuff this week with very little to show for it.  As a matter of fact, this is all I've got:

It's the raw edge raglan tee from Sewing for Boys (again) but this time all did not go smoothly. First, the dark blue shirt had super short sleeves and was in an almost child size (I used to wear it when I was 12 or 13) so there was not enough for sleeves.  Like at all.  Not for this pattern, not without doing some serious piecing which I was not prepared to do.  Not having anything to really match I ended up using an old white men's undershirt (all right, a wifebeater...  I don't know what else you'd call it but everybody knows what that is right?) which was in almost new condition.

Unfortunately the blue is very stable and the white is completely unstable!  I cut the neckband (as usual) a bit on the long side and it and the sleeves totally stretched out as soon as I got them cut out.  So basically it was a very '80s looking off the shoulder toddler tee.  Rather than ripping off the neckband and cutting a new one (because it's impossible to rip stitches out of this material, it just falls apart) like, oh I don't know, a sane person, I ripped a small hole and threaded through some 1/4 inch elastic.  It kind of gives a gathered neckline/sleeves effect but it fits and I was not fiddling with it anymore.

As for everything else:

Muslin #1 of the Darling Ranges dress (so excited) all sewn up except for closures because I do not have a buttonhole foot.  Even with no closures, though, I can see some places where there's some serious work to be done.  Like the darts.  WTF?  I don't even know how to explain, much less fix, what's happening there.

Little Heartbreaker Pants #2 are almost finished, unfortunately I really need those heavy weight needles to finish the waistband (already broke one trying to sew down the many layers).  For anyone planning this pattern, unless you're working with a really lightweight fabric I recommend a heavier needle because in so many places there are just soo many layers to sew through.  That's what I've seen with my machine, anyway.

Little Hearbreaker Pants #3 are cut and since they're a heavy denim I'm not even gonna start sewing til I find those needles =(

And in desperation tonight I cut out and pinned another raglan so I actually have something to sew tomorrow morning.  BTW, don't you love when care tags say something crazy?

In case you can't read that it says  "Steam ironing maybe required for restoration"  The tag is from a T-shirt.  Restoration of what?!  I'm still pretty new to both ironing and label reading, though, so perhaps this isn't that strange a direction.

On a lighter note: fabric I'm excited about (perhaps for the Darling Ranges dress proper)

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