Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More (exceedingly late) Christmas makings

I'm just getting overwhelmed by all the makes there are to be blogged.  There's just so much stuff... plenty of it from Christmas.  Therefore, this post will (hopefully) be a more or less wrap-up of Christmas gifts, with an emphasis on the BIG ASS CHRISTMAS QUILT (OF DEATH?)  Why do I always feel the need to add "of death" to the end of my quilt names?  

Why do I always
I think quilts are kind of like young children....  Everything is sweeter in retrospect.  Let's be honest, a two year old can make you tear your hair out... but so can a quilt of this dimension on a regular (i.e. not a long-arm) machine.  Honestly, the quilting on it is pretty half-assed.  I started out doing two lines on each side of each seam.... but it's only one line towards the middle.  It was reeeally hard to maneuver this behemoth.  It's something like 7x9 feet...  I can't remember the exact dimensions but it's pretty frickin' big.

I tried to focus on purple, blue, and grey for this quilt, as well as plaids... but it's a scrap quilt so I worked with what I had.  The only things I had to buy were two sheets from Goodwill for the backing and, of course, the batting.  All in all, maybe $30... pretty cheap for a blanket of this size.  This was actually a special request from my mom.  She really wanted a blanket to cover their bigger than king size bed.  I told her no, and then I felt really bad about it so here's her blanket.  

Some of the fabrics were from the Goodwill Outlet, some are old clothes that have outlived any usefulness as clothing, and some are scraps leftover from previous projects.  I love that each fabric has a story, at least for me.  Some of the fabrics are my parents old clothes, too.  Whether or not they recognize them is a different story though.

The binding, as well as a lot of the squares, are made from the leftover sheet from my garden gate dress.  The back is pieced... there are two big pieces.  I'm not going to show you the whole thing, though, as it's horrendously ugly.  But it's pretty on the right side and so soft and warm so I'll call it a win and just be happy it's all over.

Aside from the quilt (it's somehow hard for me to believe I made more than just the quilt, but continuing on) I made hubby a new undershirt with my precious pirate fabric (that is true love) and a new pair of PJ pants.  The boy has matching PJs, but of course.  The fabric is from a flannel sheet I originally bought to back above quilt, but I just loved it so much it had to become pants.

Hubby hasn't worn his PJ pants yet, but he's sitting on them in this pic...  Not quite the reaction I had hoped for I guess but he loves the shirt.  The Boy's pants are waaay too long, but I'll eventually cuff them til he grows into them (hopefully before he grows into them!).

I guess that's all that'll make it to this post.  There's more (quite a bit more, actually) but it can wait til next time.


  1. Holy Crap!!! That quilt is AMAZING!! Wow, I am soooo impressed!! Your mom is so lucky!

  2. Thanks! Fortunately she thinks so too ;)

    My quilts may not be fancy, but they're generally pretty soft and snuggly, if a bit riotous in color. I'm trying to get better at making them look, you know, nice.