Friday, July 5, 2013

Brainzzzz and radishes.

I felt like there were at least enough pictures here to warrant a whole new post about pajamas, but this is the last one for a minute.  Promise!  The boy was in desperate need of some new summer pjs seeing as how his Super Mario set has seen better days and that's really all he has.  What can I say?  Summer is not a lengthy visitor in these parts.

I found a tee shirt at the goodwill outlet that was stained and had the neckband cut off.  It pretty well looked destined for the landfill but soooo soft so I snatched it up for a few cents.  

Can you see the crazy print?  It's some kind of steam punk hot air balloon drawing with a brain hot air balloon.  I know right?  (On a side note; hot air ballons = steampunk?  I still can't quite figure out the rules here.  End tangent.)  This pretty nearly became a tank top for moi but being such a good mommy I made the sacrifice and I think it was worth it.  

There was no pattern I just sort of eyeballed it.  The front neckline has a bit too much fabric but its not so bad I'm thinking about changing it.  I finished the neckline and armholes with strips of the same fabric and my lucky 85 percent rule.  I honestly didn't hem the shirt because I couldn't find my grey thread. I did buy a twin needle though so theoretically I could.  Would you like to know the fastest way to break a twin needle?  Let's just say: always remember to reset your machine to a straight stitch and leave it at that shall we?

The red shorts are made from an old tee of mine.  I never wore it because it was a bit on the short side.  The fabric is pretty thick so it's perfect for shorts.  The shirt had a scoop neck and a neckline placket so I was worried I wouldn't have quite enough.  Sometimes I'm amazed that the sewing gods don't just smite me where I stand, slapdash as I am sometimes.

I was kind of in a hurry (it wouldn't do to be late for the pajama party would it?) so I took the sweatpants pattern from Sewing for Boys and pinched out lots of room until they fit on the fabric I had.  Luckily they turned out just the right size. I kept the original hem so all I had to do was sew up the crotch and inseams then fold over for the elastic waistband et voila!

That means this whole outfit was thrown together in about an hour for almost no cost (I think the shirt was 25 cents give or take).  Quick and dirty and completely reloved <3 p="">

Best of all he actually likes his new pjs.  It's so nice to finish something for him that he actually wants to wear.  Zombies are a big thing with him right now so really anything with brainz are A-ok!

As for the radishes... Well, he had fun picking them...

Cleaning them...

Smelling them...

But he never did eat one.  Apparently he'll stick to the braaaiinnnzzzzz!

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