Monday, July 29, 2013

Blue roses, darling ranges

Continuing with the trend of ostentatious monikers for moderately mundane garments.  Now with a sprinkling of alliteration!

I think it's pretty obvious that this is yet another darling ranges dress.  Every time I make this pattern I tweak it a little bit.  Next time I'd like the skirt to be a bit fuller.  Or maybe a lot fuller!  Also, pocket fail!  They're oddly positioned for the shape.  If they were more slanted towards the floor they would work.  Duly noted.  

The fabric (oh!  The fabric!) was a find at the thrift.  For a cool dollar fifty I just couldn't pass up the pretty print... even though I could see it wasn't in great shape.  It turns out I totally underestimated how badly preserved it was.

In addition to the weird discolored stripe running along one edge there were several small holes... and one big one :P Based on the print, obvious poly content, and poor condition I can't help but wonder if this is real vintage fabric.  I think people have a tendency to call anything from the thrift vintage.. but I'm pretty sure this shit's actually old.  Kind of cool and kind of crappy all at the same time!

I originally thought I'd be lucky to eek out a blouse but through some creative pattern placement (no cutting on the fold happening here!) I managed to get all the pieces for this dress with just a few scraps to spare.  Seriously, there's barely enough for quilt scraps!

I think the fit is pretty good in the bodice.  I think I raised the neckline just a smidge, as I sometimes do when making this pattern.  Even so I pretty much always wear a camisole under it.  As opposed to, you know, just puttin' it all right out there.

The skirt is not such a great fit.  As I mentioned above, a fuller skirt would have been nice.  The skirt fits just fine in reality, but the pockets are not as useful as they would have been if the skirt was fuller.  Facepalm!

I've made this pattern so many times that there's really not much more to say about it.  Except that it's great!  I love it.  It's just perfect for climbing ladders...

Or dancing.  Yes this is how I dance and it's why my husband never takes me dancing =(

Or even doing Scarlett O'Hara impressions.  Bad Scarlett O'Hara impressions.

My life goal is to make a dress out of curtains so that I can actually say "I saw it in the window and just had to have it!"

Total cost: maybe $3
Notions: buttons and bias tape... and interfacing.  Seriously, interface the button placket, just do it!  You're welcome.
Happy: So very
Make again: I feel like after so many iterations it'd be crazy to keep going... or maybe it'd be crazy to stop?

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