Monday, February 4, 2013

vintage modern post script

never let it be said that i'm the kind of girl who can write a note without a post script or two.  i can hardly leave a room without going back for my phone.  all this being said... the dress

firstly, an explanation of the original title.  the tag on the sheet was labelled vintage modern, so i suppose the print is supposed to invoke vintage?  i just think it looks like somebody went to town on a spirograph

next, i think i've solved the sleeve problem.  i hate zigzagged edges and i didn't think french seams would work so i flat felled the sleeve seams.  it worked (yay!)

but you can see the weirdness around the neck...

of course you can't see it when it's on, especially in this weather since a sweater is a necessity

i feel like this sweater and this dress were made for each other.  of course that's silly since i made this sweater a couple of years ago before sewing really existed as a hobby for me.

all the seams on this dress are french or flat felled.  the pocket edges are finished with matching bias tape.  pretty insides =)

and a shot of the back because omfg i love this sweater.  whenever i wear it people say you made that?? no way!  you could sell those for like $100.  of course the yarn alone cost almost $100 soo... not so much

i'd never heard of "put a bird on it" when i made this sweater so the whole bird thing may become passe i don't even care i love this sweater!  i don't know about the belt though.  i was inspired by an outfit sewaholic posted.  i've never been much of a beltforreasonsotherthantoholdupmypants sort of person so i'm still working on it.

Edited to add (see I told you) that I'm linked up at Sew Cute Tuesday at Better off Thread for the first time.


  1. Oh that is SUCH a lovely cardigan - no wonder you are so proud of it! Wow! :D