Friday, February 1, 2013

i did not make this coat

So why am I showing it to you?  Because I did alter the heck out of it.  I wish I'd gotten a before picture because it was way big for me.

It's just a nice wool coat, something my wardrobe has been severely lacking.  This is another one of those things I had to whip up for my job interview last week.  Since I didn't own even a moderately nice coat I needed something.  And since I can't afford a coat this nice I cut this old one of my dad's down.  
First I took out the (hand) stitching securing the lining to the hem and sleeve caps.  Then I took the coat in along the center back seam, shoulders, and armscye.  I didn't want to take the collar off so I ended up pinning then handstitching it down around the neckline to take out the excess.

What a mess my sewing room is right now.  But the back fits pretty well.  I think I did something wrong when I handstitched the hem lining back because, well, just look at it.

It's in desperate need of another button and buttonhole.  I'll need some matching thread for that though.   And matching buttons of course.  It'd be eclectic but not so much professional if I just put another random button on there.

I love to turn up the collar and pretend I'm in a film noire.  The coat is at least 30 years old.  Does that make it vintage?

He's got some more old coats so perhaps this isn't my last alteration.

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