Friday, December 7, 2012

the pants that defy photography

i will only apologize once for the horrendousness of these pictures.  my bad.

Installation #2 in christmas pjs.  These are for hubby.  I used McCall's m5248, the same pattern i used for my robe, but obviously different pieces of it.  These have been done for awhile but I cringed at the thought of putting these pics up on the interwebz.  Time gives perspective I suppose, or perhaps just a sense of levity, so here we go:

The pattern does not call for pockets, but it's not a single pattern piece.  To me that's just begging for a pocket.  As you can see these are knee pockets.  As in they tickle my knees when I'm wearing these pants.  I don't know why they gape as such.  I just don't know. 


The pockets are too low.  Too bad those sides are French seamed and I don't feel like unpicking that mess. 

I can't recall the massive earthquake that threw the house on end, but here I am apparently hanging on to my hat so as not to lose it in the shuffle.

And to remind you of installment #1 in matchy matchy Christmas PJs:


Hopefully everyone is nearing the end of their Christmas crafting (or shopping).  I know I am ready to move onto things for me!

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