Wednesday, December 26, 2012

happy happy joy joy

 Here's hoping everyone had a merry whatever you celebrate (we do Christmas round these parts but as long as you are on board with handmade matchy-matchy baby pajamas then we'll get along fine.

I just drew up the patterns for the baby's PJs.  They're made out of an old knit sheet and scraps from my PJ pants.  All the other PJ stuffs you've seen already in spurts around the blog.  Mission matchy matchy Christmas PJs: accomplished.

By the way the quilt in all these pics is what has been killing my will to live I mean blog I mean taking up all my time for the past month week or so.  With the exception of that baby shirt and a little baby jacket for our Christmas voyage to the mountains.  \Pics of the jacket still to come but it's way cute.  As for the quilt; next time I'll do a regular one this one (a rag quilt) took for freaking ever.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful and safe holiday.

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