Friday, March 5, 2010

Bitter Beret

Not because my mom is bitter but because I made up this pattern using the charts from the lovely Bitterroot shawl from Rosemary Hill on knitty. It's made from the same yarn with the same beads I used on the shawl I made her for Christmas so it matches perfectly. It uses the simplified tubular CO
Using waste yarn and size 4 needle provisionally CO 72 sts
With working yarn:
Rnd 1: *k1, yo* across round--> 144 sts
Rnd 2: *sl 1 w/ yarn in front, k1* across
Rnd 3: *p1, sl 1 w/ yarn in back*
Continue in p1, k1 rib for 2.5 inches. Change to size 9 needle, knit one round increasing 6 sts evenly around -->150 sts

Work repeat portion (it's the ten stitches inside the red box) of Bitterroot chart E Rows 11 - 16, knitting the wrong side rows. Then work repeat portion of chart F rows 1-4, then rows 9-16. Then begin working repeat portion from chart G. Rows 1-16 will be worked but decreases are done on rows 9-16. Chart to come...

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