Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

So I'm pretty sure it's been about a million years since my last post.  Life and stuff..  You know how it goes.  Since Me Made May is coming, though, it's time to get back in the swing of things.  Here I am posting Baby Girl's Easter dress ON EASTER!!!  I must be turning over a new leaf ;-)

I basically drafted this dress based off of an existing vintage shirt pattern (which is the one I've used to make her several shirts already, I just forget the number and am too lazy to look it up).  Apparently that new leaf business was short lived.  I lengthened the front bodice piece and adjusted the back to be made from two pieces instead of one like the original pattern.  The skirt is, well, it's pretty much three gathered rectangles so there's not much to say about that.  I also changed it from a button back to a zip.  That's right!  It's still the year of the zipper around here.  I also widened the bodice pieces a little bit.  The neck on the original pattern was kind of tight and narrow so this helped make the neck wider (and hopefully it will fit her this summer).

I drafted new short gathered sleeves.  They're not terribly poofy, but there's gathering at the sleeve cap and also the arm is gathered into contrast bands, made from the same fabric as the skirt obvs.  I kind of wish I'd cut the bands either on the bias or so that the stripes ran up and down.  As it is only one color shows and it doesn't really look like it matches the skirt.

The pink fabric is from an old dress my mom gave me.  I'm not really sure what her issue was with it, but it's so pink and I love it!  The bodice had this lovely floral embroidery and buttons.  Strangely, it was hard to cut out even these tiny little pieces because the neckline on the original dress was really low.  I have the entire huge gathered skirt left and I love it and I can't decide what to make out of it.  I could do a gathered skirt, but I've owned one in my entire life and I hate it.  I've never even worn it. I don't think I like gathered skirts on me.  What's more likely is another button up shirt.  It's just the same weight as the inspiration shirt and i think it would be gorgeous.

The striped fabric is a thrifted sheet I bought with the intention of making.... ???  I have no recollection of why i bought it other than it's pink(ish) and the stripes are kinda cool.  I really want to use the rest to make myself some more PJ shorts, but the practical side of my brain says i should probably make Baby Girl some more clothes with it since she'll be needing summer clothes soon (hopefully).

As you can see, it's not quite short sleeve weather here yet...  But I can feel it creeping up!  I've got so many ideas of clothes I want to make for summer, but the cold weather is really putting a damper on that.  I'm not one to make an item of clothing I won't be able to wear right away.  I'm not that patient.

She was pretty much all business once she found that huge sucker.  No, she didn't finish it.  If she had I'm sure we'd all be in the ER right now instead of hanging out at home nursing terrible sugar hangovers.  I feel kind of awful that the Boy didn't get a new outfit for Easter, but he didn't really seem to care.  At all.  Umm.  Hello?  Easter is about candy, not new clothes.  I did manage to dress him in me made LHBs and his dino sweater, and he seemed pretty happy with that.

I hope you all had a lovely day with not too many tummy aches =)

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  1. Oh wow! Your kids are so cute!! I am totally digging that dress, the stripes are great!